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Holding Nothing Back

Posted on the 10th of November, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Forest feeling betterRecently our oldest cat, Forest, developed some stomach issues. Every once and awhile he throws up his food if he eats too fast, but last week was different.

Daylight savings time came quickly this year, which complicated Lucy's sleep schedule as well as ours. Once Lucy is up, I often go downstairs half-asleep to feed the cats. Down the stairs I went stepping right into a warm pile of vomit at the bottom... what a wonderful way to start the morning.

It was very unusual to find vomit like this in the morning; if it happens it is usually right after breakfast. I gave Forest breakfast and sure enough, he started vomiting. I brought him to work to run some tests and to take x-rays. Everything looked okay but we were still a little nervous about him so I brought home a bland intestinal diet for his dinner.

The rest of the day went ok but once dinner came the vomiting started again. He probably threw up a dozen times and just looked miserable. We were considering the possibility that he had eaten something but if you know my furry family you would know that Teddy is our resident troublemaker, not Forest. However, this particular night I caught Forest chewing on a feather duster downstairs. We weren't sure if it was coincidental but it sure seemed suspicious given his issues. The vomiting eventually stopped so we closely observed him overnight but the next morning the vomiting resumed.

At that point we were convinced that he ate something and I brought him to work prepared and ready to do surgery. We started with more x-rays and repeat labwork. His stomach was empty, intestines looked normal, poop on its way out, and a liver test went up. After all this there just wasn't enough evidence to go in and figure out what was wrong.

We gave him some fluids for dehydration, started daily anti-vomiting injections at home, and fed him small meals throughout the day. It is now 3 days later; there has been no vomiting, his appetite is good, and his attitude and energy are back to normal.

From what we can tell, Forest just had a very bad bout of gastroenteritis (stomach/intestinal upset). There are many causes of gastroenteritis but sometimes we do not figure out what the cause was in the first place. Despite trying a bland food he could not keep anything down and was totally depressed. Without treatment I'm convinced that Forest would have continued to vomit.

We are so glad he is feeling better; he had alot of help and support along the way...

Forest Supporter

Posted by: John Clappier, DVM

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